That phone in your pocket is a very powerful device and the camera it contains incredibly capable. Yet, the majority of us probably use it for nothing more than taking a few snaps of family and friends or our lunch.
I was an early user of the Instagram app and enjoyed the built-in filters and the quick gratification it provided, however, over time those same filters and the 1:1 square image ratio lessened its appeal. I then downloaded the incredible Snapseed app for the iPhone from Nik Software, Silver EFX is one of their professional tools that I use in my daily digital workflow. I played with Snapseed and several other apps and became hooked, my phone was suddenly a more serious image capture tool than I had ever imagined it could be.
Often whilst on location waiting for the right light or the right time I will use my iPhone to capture a moment, I often shoot something as simple as my camera on its tripod, I’ll then open it in an app and after a few minutes processing a completed image is finished. If conditions aren’t quite right these images, then become the prompt I need to get back there at a later date.
It is all great fun, enjoy.
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