I have been a user of Canon cameras and lenses now for over 12 years. I originally began using the EOS 30D and kit lens in 2006. I added to the kit bag buying a 55-200mm and a Tamron 180mm Macro lens. I wanted more, I wanted full frame and so, by March 2007 I moved up to the EOS 5D with it's 12.8 megapixel full frame sensor. Around the same time I wanted better quality glass and so began purchasing Canon's series of L lenses, the 24-105, a 17-40, the 70-200. I later purchased the 100-400 also. My time using that camera and lenses combination was thoroughly enjoyed, So many memorable occasions, trips, photoshoots etc. The 5D was fantastic, I loved it.
It was November 2014 now and time to upgrade again, I had totally missed the EOS 5D Mark II, so, I plumped for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and took it straight off to Scotland to shoot some photos. The second time I used it an error 80 flashed up on screen, the camera locked and became unusable. I turned it off, it did nothing, I removed the battery, replaced it and the camera sprang back to life. Hey, it was a really cold day, I'll put it down to that.
I was getting really busy at work now so didn't use the camera again for a while, not until April of 2015 in fact. Another trip north to one of my favourite locations, I was in Scotland and happily shooting away when Error 80 reared its ugly head again. Mortified I remembered the pull the battery trick and was back in action. It happened again on the same trip, it happened again on other trips. In the end the camera went to H. Lehmann Photographic Services (cannot rate these guys highly enough, always superb service) and it had to have a new motherboard fitted to resolve the issue. I hasten to add, it was a known fault and issue and Canon were not interested, it cost me 600 pounds plus to fix.
March 2017, The Photography Show at the NEC and I decided to treat myself to a mirrorless camera, My kit bag was now ludicrously heavy, I wanted something lighter, something I could go out with and not need a pack mule to carry it all. I hummed and ha'ed over what to buy, I knew the Canon system, I had thousands of pounds worth of L glass. I bought the M5. Now, I liked the M5 it was a wonderful little camera, super light, 24 megapixels and I think it produced some lovely images. I had the convertor and so could use my lenses easy enough, but, by the time you've put those in the bag with your tiny mirrorless any intended weight saving was lost. That and the M5 EF-M mount lens line up is just so uninspiring.
It's July 2018 now, I'm tired of Canon, their seemed lack of interest in a serious mirrorless and ultimately I feel cheated by the issues I had with my 5D Mark III. Canon, I've had enough I've sold everything with your name on it.

Below are the last images I took with the Canon gear, the first image is from the 5D Mark III and the next two from the M5, enjoy!
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